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Juice Drink Filling Production Line

Juice Drink Filling Production Line Description:

Juice drink filling production line is suitable for producing and packaging fruit juice, tea, milk and flavor drinks. The whole juice filling and packaging line includes PET bottle making system, water treatment system, juice pre-treatment system, juice filling.

Juice Drink Filling Production Line-huuangsheng

Drink Filling Production Line Instruction:

Juice filling production line is suitable for filling and producing juice drinks in PET plastic bottles of 500ml, 1L, 1.25L and other capacities. The juice filling machine integrates cleaning, filling and sealing. Its filling method adopts micro-negative pressure hot filling to ensure that the material is filled at the set temperature, such as 85℃. Based on 500ml PET plastic bottles.

Drink Filling Production Line Features:

1. Fruit juice beverage filling line An automatic machine integrating cleaning, filling and capping, suitable for PET or other plastic bottles. The drink filling machine adopts equal pressure filling technology, which makes the drink filling machine more efficient, stable and productive than other machines of the same level.
2. Besides using photoelectronic detectors to detect the operation of each important sub-process, the drink filling machine also uses a new type of air channel to fill bottles with fast and non-destructive characteristics.
3. The bottle handover between two connecting structures is done by clamping the bottle neck.
4. For bottles of different shapes, only a few parts need to be changed and the replacement is simple, which shows that the machine has good adaptability.
5. High degree of automation and easy operation make the drink filling machine ideal for beverage companies.

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