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Aerated Water Filling Line

1. Intelligent production line

Our Aerated Water Filling Line is equipped with state-of-the-art automation equipment and sophisticated control systems. From water pretreatment, aeration, filling to packaging, every step is strictly controlled and accurately measured. This not only ensures the stability and consistency of the product, but also improves production efficiency, allowing us to continuously provide the market with fresh, delicious aerated water.

Aerated Water Filling Line-huuangsheng

2. Inflatable process

Aeration is a key step in making aerated water. We adopt a unique aeration process and precisely control the type, proportion and injection speed of gas, so that each bottle of aerated water has rich and delicate foam and a unique taste.

3. Security

We understand the importance of food safety. Therefore, we have strict quality inspection points at every step of the production line. From water source detection to finished product sampling, we always adhere to high standards and strict requirements to ensure that every bottle of aerated water meets national safety standards and quality requirements.

4. Environmental protection concept

While pursuing high quality, we also pay attention to environmental protection and sustainable development. Our Aerated Water Filling Line uses advanced energy-saving technology and environmentally friendly materials to minimize energy consumption and waste emissions. At the same time, we also actively participate in various environmental protection activities and social welfare undertakings, and contribute our own efforts to promote green development and sustainable development.

Aerated Water Filling Line-huuangsheng


Every bottle of high-quality aerated water is inseparable from a sophisticated and efficient Aerated Water Filling Line. Our production line not only has advanced technological equipment and strict quality control system, but also pays attention to environmental protection and sustainable development.

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