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Big Bottle Juice Filling Line

Big Bottle Juice Filling Line Instruction:

The big bottle juice filling line is suitable for filling and sealing in the beverage industry, featuring fast filling and sealing speed, consistent height from the liquid level inside the can to the mouth of the can after filling, stable machine operation, good sealing quality, beautiful and generous appearance, easy to use and maintain, touch screen operation, frequency conversion speed control, etc.

Big Bottle Juice Filling Line-huuangsheng

Juice Filling Line Description:

The juice filling line rinses, fills and seals the bottles, shortens the connection time between the material and the outside world, and improves sanitary conditions and production capacity. The juice bottling machine is suitable for filling juice drinks in polyester bottles. The output can be from 3000 to 20000 bottles per hour. The juice bottling machine adopts frequency conversion control technology and output indication function to achieve output adjustment.

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