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Bottled Juice Filling Machine

Bottled Juice Filling Machine Description:

Bottled juice filling machine has compact structure, beautiful appearance, convenient operation, high degree of automation and low labor intensity.

The bottled juice filling machine is mainly used for washing/filling/capping hot filling of PET bottle juice, tea drinks, and various energy drinks. It can be suitable for filling pure water and mineral water only by replacing a few spare parts.

Bottled Juice Filling Machine-huuangsheng

We provide complete solutions for juice filling production line, including water treatment systems / juice mixing systems / UHT sterilizers / rinsing and filling / capping machines / printing machines / automatic labeling machines / automatic packaging machines / automatic palletizing systems.

Bottled Juice Filling Machine-huuangsheng

Bottled Juice Filling Equipment Features:

● By adopting high speed filling valve, the liquid level is precise and no waste. That guarantees the demand of filling technology.

● All the parts which contact with the material directly are made of food grade stainless steel, no technology dead angle, easy to clean.

● Uses the high effective cap sorter and automatically cap feeding system, has perfect cap feeding and cap lacking protection device.

● Bottled juice filling equipment control system has many functions, such as control producing speed, cap shortage detection, bottle block automatic stop and production counting etc.

● Bottled juice filling machine electric components and pneumatic components are all introduced from world famous brand products.


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