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Bottled Water Production Equipment

Bottled Water Production Equipment Description:

The bottled water production line is a professional beverage filling machine integrator. The bottled water production equipment is multi-functional and can be used for cleaning, filling and capping. The bottled water production line is an advanced filling machine integrator innovated on the basis of introducing and absorbing foreign advanced technology and according to the filling process requirements of pure water, mineral water, wine, etc.
Bottled Water Production Equipment-huuangsheng

Water Production Equipment Instruction:

This bottle washing, filling and capping machine line is mainly used for filling drinking water. The water production line integrates rinsing, capping into one automatic body, which is suitable for PET or other plastic bottles. The production line adopts new type of micro-pressure filling operation, which makes the production line more efficient, stable and productive than other machines of the same level. The production line is suitable for filling mineral water, drinking water, pure water, etc. in PET bottles from 350-1500ml.

Water Production Equipment Application:

1. The water production line adopts the technology of direct connection between pneumatic conveyor and feeding star wheel instead of feeding screw and conveyor, which facilitates the bottle changing process.
2. Hanging neck technology is applied to the bottle transportation of automatic filling machine. Replacing the traditional star wheel with a hanging neck gripper makes bottle changing easy, no need to adjust the height of the machine, only small nylon parts like the arch plate and star wheel need to be replaced.
3. Specially designed rinse gripper made of stainless steel, sturdy and durable, not touching the screw part of the bottle, preventing secondary contamination of this automatic filling machine.
4. High-flow fast gravity filling valve makes the filling speed faster and the liquid level accurate without any liquid loss.
5. The clamping plate of the star wheel is twisted down to simplify the process of changing bottles.

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