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Bottled Water Production line

Bottled Water Production line Description:

The bottled water production line is a kind of professional beverage filling machine integrator. The bottled water production machine can be used for multiple functions such as washing, filling and capping. It is a kind of advanced filling machine integrator developed according to the requirements of the filling process of pure water, natural water, wine, etc. based on the import and assimilation of foreign advanced technology.
Bottled Water Production line-huuangsheng

Bottled Water Production Machine Instruction:

A range of bottle rinsing, filling and capping machines, mainly used for bottling drinking water. The machine can perform rinsing, filling and capping in one automatic case and is suitable for PET. A new micro-pressure filling process ensures more efficient and stable filling and higher productivity than comparable machines from other manufacturers, suitable for PET bottles of 350-1500 ml: mineral water, drinking water, soft drinks, etc.

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