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Carbonated Drink Bottling Equipment

Carbonated Drink Bottling Equipment Features:

1. This filling machine is suitable for all kinds of carbonated drink bottling equipment. Simple operation and small size.
2. The carbonated beverage filling machine equipped with advanced programmable PLC control host.
3. The working speed of carbonated beverage filling machine can be adjusted by frequency conversion device.
Carbonated Drink Bottling Equipment-huuangsheng

Carbonated Drink Bottling Equipment Description:

Carbonated drink bottling machine is self-designed and manufactured according to the principle of isobaric filling, which can fill the liquid into the bottle washer sent by the bottle washer.

The filling valve adopts isobaric mechanical valve, with fast filling speed, high sensitivity and high precision of filling level. The centering guide adopts guide bar centering and unique bottle mouth clamping technology, which can ensure the accurate sealing between bottle mouth and filling valve. The main drive adopts gear drive, i.e. open combination drive, with high efficiency, low noise, long service life, easy maintenance and sufficient lubrication. Frequency converter is used to control the speed of the main motor of the machine, which is controlled by stepless frequency conversion. The structure of bottle guiding system is simple and can be changed quickly.

The whole machine adopts bottle neck type structure, which is easy to transport. The whole machine is automatically controlled by PLC and online display of faults such as stuck bottles. The material in the filling tank is controlled automatically, and the liquid level sensor detects the liquid level height to ensure stable liquid level and reliable filling.

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