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Carbonated Drink Filling Equipment

Carbonated Drink Filling Equipment Description:

Carbonated drink filling equipment is applicable to the equal pressure can filling and sealing machine for carbonated beverages in beer. The drink filling equipment is a popular beer can filling and sealing unit developed independently on the basis of digesting and absorbing the advanced sealing machines from abroad and China. Filling and sealing are designed as a whole, and the power system consists of filling and sealing system, which ensures the absolute synchronization and coordination of both. The drink filling equipment adopts advanced mechanical and electrical equipment and pneumatic control technology. The drink filling equipment has the features of smooth filling, fast speed, liquid level control, reliable capping, frequency conversion speed regulation and low material loss. The drink filling equipment can be equipped with remote control system according to customers’ requirements. The drink filling equipment is the first choice equipment for medium-sized beer and beverage factories.

Carbonated Drink Filling Equipment-huuangsheng

Drink Filling Equipment Instruction:

This drink filling equipment can also be used for hot filling if a temperature control device is installed. This machine can be freely and easily adjusted to fill various types of bottles. Thanks to the new micro-pressure filling operation, the filling speed is faster and more stable. The output and efficiency of this machine is higher than that of the same size machinery. The advanced OMRON programming controller (PLC) is used to control the automatic operation of the machine, while the speed is adjusted using sensors on the bottle feeding chain and coordinated with the sensors of the main machine to make the bottle shifting operation stable and reliable.

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