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Complete Carbonated Drink Production Equipment

Complete Carbonated Drink Production Equipment Instruction:

The complete carbonated drink production equipment is used for the production of aerated drinks, such as Coca-Cola, Sprite, Fanta, etc. This machine integrates cleaning, filling and capping in three in one, which is suitable for various bottle types. The carbonated drink production equipment adopts hanging air conveyor. When changing bottles, you only need to adjust the conveying width, which is more efficient and effortless. conveying width, higher efficiency and less effort. This machine adopts equal pressure filling method, fast speed and good stability. This machine adopts advanced PLC programming control system, the whole machine is scientifically designed and reasonable, with high output and low failure rate.
Complete Carbonated Drink Production Equipment-huuangsheng

Carbonated Drink Production Equipment Description:

Carbonated drinks, also known as CSD drinks, sparkling water or soda drinks, are composed of water, sweeteners, flavors, colors, carbon dioxide and other ingredients. Carbonated beverages have the functions of replenishing the body’s water needs, promoting appetite, and relieving heat and cooling down. Since carbon dioxide is contained in the beverage, the carbonated drink production equipment also has the function of sterilizing the beverage to extend its shelf life. However, carbonated beverages contain high sugar content, and excessive consumption can cause obesity.

1. The beverage filling machine integrates the functions of cleaning, filling and capping in one, which is a kind of fully automatic and high efficiency liquid packaging equipment.

2. The carbonated drink machine is suitable for packaging carbonated soft drinks and aerated drinks. Its performance is as follows: all parts, such as filling valve and other parts that directly contact the medium are made of stainless steel. So the carbonated drink machine meets the requirements of food hygiene. The sealing parts are made of heat-resistant rubber to meet the technical requirements of users for sterilization. The sealing parts of the filling machine are made of heat-resistant rubber to meet the technical requirements.

3. The filling machine, with programmable controller, realizes fully automatic control from bottle feeding to finished product packaging. The carbonated drink machine adopts transducer as speed regulator so that users can easily adjust the machine to meet different power requirements. Adopt the principle of equal pressure filling and current spring valve to ensure the quality of beverage. Adopt advanced magnetic coupler to adjust the capping torque to ensure the quality of capping.

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