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Full Automatic Water Filler Line

Full Automatic Water Filler Line Features:

1. Full automatic water filler line adopts bottle neck blocking technology, which is convenient to change bottle type.
2. Constant temperature recovery system can be fixed, automatic temperature control and automatic reflux.
3. Adopt spring type washing clamp, empty bottles can be automatically rotated 180 degrees with the track. Washing twice inside and outside, high washing efficiency.
4. Pressure type filling to ensure liquid positioning and accurate volume.
5. Magnetic torque type flip cap, which can be tightened without damaging the cap.
6. Adopting hole type filling head up and down lift, bottles run at the same level to ensure the stability of in and out bottles.

Full Automatic Water Filler Line-huuangsheng

Full Automatic Water Filler Line Advantages:

1. Automatic water filler line adopts bottle neck snap type transmission structure, with stable bottle conveying; Automatic water filler line is very convenient and quick to use different bottles for filling on the same machine by adjusting the height of conveyor and several exchange parts.
2. The capping machine adopts French technology, the capping adopts magnetic torque; the capping adopts two times to ensure the authenticity. The capping force is adjustable, constant torque capping does not damage the cap, the cap is well sealed and highly reliable.
3. The drinking equipment is operated by touch screen, controlled by PLC and frequency converter, etc. Automatic water filler line has the functions of no bottle and no cap feeding, lack of bottle waiting, no cap stopping for bottle stopper or cap guide tube, etc.
4. The bottled water manufacturing process adopts gravity filling theory, with fast filling speed and high precision; the filling level is adjustable.
5. The drinking water equipment adopts spring type bottle washing shears, empty bottles rotate 180° along the guiding roller for internal rinsing; the bottle washing nozzle adopts plum-shaped multi-hole to rinse the bottom of bottles, with high rinsing efficiency.

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