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Juice Drink Filling Machine

Juice Drink Filling Machine Features:

(1) The cleaning, filling and capping of the juice drink filling machine are done on one machine.
(2) The contact time between the material and the outside world is shortened. The juice beverage filling machine improves the sanitary condition, production capacity and economic efficiency.
(3) This series of filling machine adopts hanging bottle conveying structure, which makes bottle changing more convenient, quick and labor-saving.
(4) The main machine adopts advanced programmable controller control technology.

Juice Drink Filling Machine-huuangsheng

Juice Beverage Filling Machine Description:

1. All machine parts in contact with liquid are high quality stainless steel 304.

2. This water washing filling and capping machine consists of rinsing, filling and capping system.

Rinsing: Hold the bottle neck, rotate the filling plate and reverse the bottle; internal rinsing, external spraying, so that the bottle can be thoroughly cleaned.

Filling: gravity filling by holding the bottle neck; special reflux filling valve can avoid leakage after filling, and also can control the liquid level accurately.

Capping: magnetic bottle clamping type, which can minimize the damage rate of bottle cap and make the best performance of capping.

3. The juice beverage filling machine has reasonable, stable and safe design.

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