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PET Bottle Water Filling Machine

PET Bottle Water Filling Machine Introduction:

PET bottle water filling machine is one of the advanced models specially developed by our company for the filling equipment of non-carbonated beverages such as drinking water and purified water in combination with the international advanced self-filling process and technology.

PET Bottle Water Filling Machine-huuangsheng

PET Bottle Water Filling Machine Video:

PET Bottle Water Filling Equipment Features:

1. PET bottle water filling machine has compact structure,fine operation system, easy operation and high degree automation.
2. Water filling equipment parts connected with material all adopt exported high quality stainless steel, no art design blind corner, easily to be cleaned.
3. Adopting high accuracy, fast speed rated volume filling valves without less, ensuring high quality filling.
4. Capping heads adopt constant torque device, ensuring capping quality.
5. Adopting high efficient cap sorting system with perfect cap feeding and protecting device.
6. Water filling machine no needs to adjust equipments height when changing other size bottles, just need to change track-wheels.

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