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Pure Water Filling Production Equipment

Pure Water Filling Production Equipment Description:

The pure water filling production equipment is suitable for filling various mineral water, pure water, drinking water, etc. It adopts bottleneck transmission technology to achieve fully automatic bottle flushing, filling, capping and other processes. Pure water filling equipment is one of the main equipment produced by small and medium-sized water manufacturers, based on advanced foreign technology and developed according to the filling process requirements of pure water.

Pure Water Filling Production Equipment-huuangsheng

The pure water filling machine manufactured by Huasheng Filling Manufacturer is suitable for the filling production of 200-2000ml PET bottled water, with a production capacity of 3000-24000B/H optional. According to the active control of material water level height, the process is fully automated and completed. Most of the electrical system components of the pure water filling line are made of advanced foreign products, and all parts in contact with the liquid are made of high-quality stainless steel material, which has the characteristics of wear resistance, stability, and low failure rate. The pure water filling production line adopts suspended filling, and different bottle types, sizes, and thicknesses can be operated, with a wide range of applications.

Pure water filling production equipment integrates the functions of rinsing, filling and capping together. Based on advanced technology overseas and designed according to the filling processing demands of mineral water, pure water etc.

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