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Safety Rules for the Use of Pure Water Filling Machines

The filling container of the pure water filling machine must be kept clean inside. Therefore, when using the filling container, it must go through a series of steps such as strict inspection, disinfection and cleaning, so as to avoid being contaminated when injecting raw materials. Of course, the filling workshop should also be kept clean and tidy, which is a very important indicator for food hygiene and safety production.

Safety Rules for the Use of Pure Water Filling Machines-huuangsheng

The safety rules for the use of pure water filling machines are as follows:
1. Check whether there are foreign objects in the pure water filling machine equipment, such as residual liquid materials, or other garbage such as stones and iron pieces, and clean them up in time.
2. Do not wash the motor of the filling machine with water or other liquids to prevent leakage.
3. When the pure water filling machine is running, someone must be present to monitor it in real time, and do not touch the filling machine with tools or other irrelevant items.
4. Gloves, glasses and overalls should be worn when cleaning the filling machine.
5. When the purified water filling machine breaks down, it must not be repaired by non-professional maintenance personnel to avoid danger.

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