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Soft Drink Production Line

Soft Drink Production Line Main Features:

1. The soft drink production line adopts the technology of direct connection between the wind feed channel and the bottle moving wheel; the screw and conveyor chain are eliminated, which makes the change of bottle shape much easier.
2. Bottle transfer adopts clip bottle neck technology; bottle shape change does not need to adjust the level of the equipment, only the related curved plate, wheel and nylon parts can be changed.
3. Specially designed stainless steel bottle washer clamps are strong and durable, no contact with the bottle screw position to avoid secondary contamination.
4. High speed large isobaric filling valve, fast filling speed, accurate filling, no liquid loss.
5. Spiral descending when discharging bottles, no need to adjust the height of conveying chain when transforming bottles.

Soft Drink Production Line-huuangsheng

Drink Production Line Description:

The drink production line is composed of dissolved sugar tank, mixing tank, double filter, beverage cooler and beverage mixer. This production line is suitable for the production of various carbonated beverages, such as Coke, Sprite, Red Bull, etc. It is the ideal equipment for carbonated beverage factories.

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