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Sports Drink Filling Machine

Sports Drink Filling Machine Description:

Sports drink filling machine is innovated and designed in the requirement of non-carbonated energy drinks, functional water, various juice drinks, tea, flavored water, flavored milk on the bases of introducing. Huasheng Machinery digesting and absorbing advanced technology from Germany and Italy. We are a manufacturer of high quality filling machines in China.

Sports Drink Filling Machine-huuangsheng

● The cleaning, filling and capping of the sports drink filling machines are done on one machine.
● The contact time between the material and the outside world is shortened. The sports drink filling equipment improves the sanitary condition, production capacity and economic efficiency.
● This series of filling machine adopts hanging bottle conveying structure, which makes bottle changing more convenient, quick and labor-saving.
● The main machine adopts advanced programmable controller control technology.

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